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9TH MARCH, 2024
Nathan Howarth (Ref), Simon Williams (AF) & Dean Lythgoe (AF)


  1. Dan Dixon
  2. Ed Graham
  3. Kieran Clark
  4. Ben Walton
  5. Mike Whinn
  6. Dan Burns
  7. Tom Campbell
  8. Mike Walton
  9. Connor Foley
  10. Ryan Foreman
  11. Joe Ross
  12. Peter Evans
  13. Peter Youll
  14. Matt Kirby
  15. Elliott Husband

  16. Reece Kundu
  17. Joe Spoors
  18. Connor Witton
  19. Joe Evans
  20. Jonny Horner


  1. Will Bennett
  2. Louis Townsend
  3. Karl Garside
  4. Joe Fitzsimmons
  5. Dom Santamaria
  6. Connor dene-Scott
  7. Liam Wallace
  8. Josh Redfern
  9. George Talbot
  10. Mark Ireland
  11. Olly Butterworth
  12. Sam Wager
  13. Jamie Broadley
  14. James Norman
  15. Will Baker

  16. Tom Clark
  17. Will Archer
  18. Harry Cartwright
  19. Dan Hawksworth
  20. Ben Manderfield

Today's Match Day Guests

Billingham Golf Club

We extend a warm welcome to our esteemed guests, Billingham Golf Club, as they join us today for an exhilarating match at Billingham Rugby Club. It's a delightful convergence of two sporting worlds, where the spirit of camaraderie transcends the boundaries of different athletic pursuits.

As the rugby pitch transforms into a hub of excitement, we celebrate the shared love for sportsmanship that unites us all. Billingham Golf Club's presence adds an extra layer of community and togetherness to this thrilling day of competition.

May today's match be a testament to the strength of our local sports community and the bonds that tie us together. We hope everyone enjoys the skill, strategy, and passion on display as we create lasting memories on the fields of Billingham Rugby Club.

Thank you, Billingham Golf Club, for being our honoured guests. Let's make this match a day to remember!



Last update: 5th March, 2024

National League 2 North



Club President & Chairman's Welcome



In welcoming our visitors in this, our Centenary season, whether you are a player, committee representative or loyal fan, we shall endeavour to make sure that you are treated well, both on and off the pitch, whatever the ultimate result. First of all I would like to apprise you of a few things. As a club we have taken another step (perhaps more of a giant leap) upwards into the higher echelons of English rugby union.

Our rugby club was born out of the Synthetic and Nitrates Company which eventually became ICI. Originally we were the rugby section of the Synthonia Sports Club and for many years simply regarded as a 'factory' team. Although our date of inauguration is 1924, during the autumn of 1923, players were recruited, training started and coaching commenced in earnest. The very first game was against West Hartlepool Secondary School when Billingham Synthonia Rugby Football Club won by 8 points to 6. Our first dinner was held in April 1928 and the following year saw us achieve Senior Club status. Although

"… the pavilion was a wooden but and tin basins with cold water did service in place of showers"

We have come on a bit since those days, however, and since the turn of this century we have opened the new clubhouse on a new ground at Greenwood Road, courtesy of lottery funding. Then in August 2017 we added the Artificial Grass Pitch thanks to RFU, but this year, following our league and Durham County Senior cup wins of last season we start life in National 2 North. Not content with promotion, we have added to our facilities in extra special ways, which everyone can enjoy this afternoon.

Annually I put into print my appreciation and thanks to the strong leadership of our hardworking Executive Committee and, of course our very many volunteers, without whom we would struggle. I realise that most sports clubs rely heavily on voluntary help but I think our various groups are a match for any club in the country. I believe it is also important to acknowledge the many parents who bring their children to join the minis then stay involved to become coaches, team managers, fund raisers and even - referees.

It is difficult in a one-off piece which remains in the programme for the whole season to react to weekly events but the contributions from Chairman, Mark Armstrong and Director of Rugby, Peter Evans do change game by game.

So a special thanks to both.

John Ker




Welcome Sheffield Tigers RUFC...

Welcome to all of our wonderful members and supporters, enjoy the match, remember where you are, who we are and respect players, officials and each other. Rugby is always the winner.

I have achieved many things in my life that I am proud of (my family being top of the list), I have been to many places, seen many things, met many people and overall, I see myself as being very fortunate. I also know that fortune favours the brave, hard work delivers results and being part of a team, a successful team is a wonderful place to be.

The above sums up this club for me. I have been fortunate to be part of this club for 35 years of it’s 100 year history and to be it’s Chairman for over 20 of those. A centenary is a milestone in any sport and in life in general and those of us who are members today, including myself, are fortunate to be part of a club that has been built on the back of many generations of players, members and supporters. We may have started out as a works team but back in the day we were a force to be reckoned with and despite the end of the industrial giant that was ICI, Billingham RUFC has gone from strength to strength.

Of course, we have had challenges along the way, including becoming homeless in the 90s, then nearly going out of business in the 00s, but we have come through to where we are today. Many people have contributed to our survival and our growth and the honours board of Presidents, Chairs and Club Captains are a great example of this, but there are many that don’t have their name on boards who have been instrumental in ensuring we can stand here today, with a soft smile on our faces. We have a plan for them too!

If I look at the last 25 years, from the time before we had our clubhouse to where we stand today, many of the people who have helped with our success, are still here today, every day, every game. This club to many, is a big part of their life. Our club is our community and over time our club has become an important part of the community.

When you have a great team, great things happen, and this year, our centenary year, to be playing in the National Leagues, Level 4 of rugby, in the top 60 teams in the country, in our new clubhouse, yes it is a dream come true, but one that was never in doubt.

We have a great rugby leadership team, we have a great rugby operations team, we have a great rugby development team and we are supported by many volunteers. Not only are we playing in Level 4, but we boast teams from U6 to Colts, 4 senior teams and 3 girls teams, a total of 19 teams. You have heard me say time and time again, if you stand still you go backwards and we have never accepted anything for granted and looked to improve every year.

We look at every part of what we do; coaching, kit, health and well-being support, playing surfaces, changing facilities, club, food, even the beer, and we look to make improvements along the way. Today we stand in a new extended and refurbished clubhouse. We used the have the ‘If Carlsberg made toilets…’ moment (we still do) but now we have the ‘If Carlsberg made members bars’ experience. Yes, I am excited about this, of course I am, and why not, who would not want a private bar, with a private balcony with the best view of the match?

But we are not finished, we want to continue to improve and the next phase is the players, including girls changing and physio facilities. Some might ask how you can afford it and the answer is simple, we invest all of our profits back into rugby but we do not pay players, repeat we do not pay players. They, like every playing member, pay their monthly membership subscription. Some say this will restrict our potential, I say, this is what has got us to where we are, this is the ethos that defines our culture and this is what will ensure our success.

It was John F Kennedy that gave the famous speech in Berlin in 1963, and said that “2,000 years ago the proudest boast was to say you were a citizen of Rome”, and went on to say, “that today the proudest boast is ‘ich bin ein Berliner”.

Today I say to you, the proudest boast is to say, “I am a member of Billingham Rugby Club”.

Mark Armstrong






It’s the business end of the season and we have 6 games to save ourselves.

All 6 games are on AGP’s and 4 of which are at home. That is a great starting point and we have to kick on. This week we briefly spoke about having no fear and nothing to lose, we’ve been wrote off by most and we are in a dog fight. 

Last time out we were well beaten by a very good Leeds Tykes side, but in most cases that’s the norm. We were really good for 20 minutes but it was hard to match their skillset and ability. No shame in that at all. 

Sheffield Tigers will arrive full of confidence after a very strong season, they have a very powerful squad full of ball carrying threat with some serious weapons in set piece, driving mauls and one of the best kicking games in the league. We have a few areas we want to target and I feel we will have some success but above all else given the position we are in we simply have to have more desire and drive. Coming off the pitch being out worked is not an option.

The Lions double up with Tigers bringing their youthful 2nd team. It is a game the lads should target and go at it from the off. It has been a good year for the 2s, we still have a chance to win the league and county cup given the attrition of the National 2 impacting their squad it has been promising to see so many standing up.

No 3s game this week, hopefully a big crowd to cheer the lads on and potentially an upset with England winning.

We need every bit of support we can get in the next 4 home games. Huddersfield and Wharfedale are packed with sponsors so it looks like a really tasty finish to the season. We need to start that final push with a win.


National League 2 North Highlights

Round 20

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Rugby Legend Inspires Next Generation

In an exciting development for our club, former England rugby captain Lewis Moody MBE will be leading a series of exclusive training sessions with our age-grade rugby teams ahead of our highly anticipated 1st XV game against Huddersfield on 23rd March.

As our age-grade teams gear up for their training with this rugby icon, there's no doubt that Moody's presence will leave a lasting impact on their development. The knowledge and skills imparted by the MBE recipient will undoubtedly inspire our players to reach new heights in their rugby journeys. This special occasion serves as a testament to our club's commitment to nurturing talent and providing unparalleled experiences for our players.

We look forward to welcoming Lewis Moody MBE and express our gratitude for his dedication to shaping the future of rugby at Billingham Rugby Club. The excitement is palpable as our age-grade teams prepare to absorb the wisdom of a true rugby legend before taking the field for the 1st XV game.

Chris Ker to Become General Manager!

We are delighted to confirm that Chris Ker has been appointed to the position of General Manager reporting to the Executive Committee.

Over the last 12 months we have seen our club expand both on and off the pitch and aligned with our philosophy of ‘professional amateurism’, Chris will provide much needed support to the day to day management of the club’s hospitality operations ensuring we leverage the club facilities for the benefit of our membership and to ensure we continue to improve in all aspects of our club.

Mark Armstrong


Rugby Fest 2024: Unleash the Excitement!

Join us on June 15th and 16th at the Billingham Rugby Club for the ultimate weekend of sports and festivities! Here's a sneak peek into what awaits:

  • Rugby 7s Extravaganza
  • Car Show
  • Strongman Competition
  • Beer Festival
  • Live Music
  • Food Delights

Billingham Rugby Fest 2024 is more than just rugby; it's a celebration of community, sportsmanship, and fun.

Bring your family and friends to be part of this unforgettable weekend. Get your tickets now for a perfect blend of sports and entertainment!

Full Details Coming Soon!



For the first time since 2016 we are bringing ladies day. It’s always been a huge occasion and we want to bring back the good times.


Sunday Lunches at the Club

Our Sunday Lunches are a culinary delight that combines mouthwatering flavours with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Indulge in a scrumptious feast featuring a variety of delicious dishes, from succulent roasts to fresh seasonal vegetables, all prepared to perfection.

To ensure we have a table waiting for you, pre-booking is advised. Gather your friends and family, and make your reservation today to savor the best Sunday Lunch in town at Billingham Rugby Club.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal with your loved ones.

Pre-Booking is Advised


Hospitality Staff

Role includes: Table service, Bar service (full description upon interview). 18+.

Please email CV to


Email your CV

Calling all young U12 girls in County Durham and the North East!

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey of teamwork, skill development, and fun?

Join us for an exciting season of U12 Girls Rugby, where the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship takes centre stage.

Our U12 Girls Rugby programmes are the perfect opportunity for girls under 12 to discover the joys of rugby. Whether you're new to the sport or looking to hone your skills, our experienced coaches are here to support your growth every step of the way.

Develop lifelong friendships with like-minded girls who share your passion. Build physical fitness, coordination, and mental resilience. Learn essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Experience the thrill of competition in a safe and supportive environment.

But that's not all! To get a taste of the excitement, be sure to check out our accompanying promotional video, showcasing the incredible moments and unforgettable memories awaiting you on the rugby field. Don't miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary!

Ready to get started? Get in touch with your local club for more details. Together, we'll tackle challenges, score amazing tries, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us on this incredible rugby journey today!

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